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Put out. or GET OUT


Hi, My name is Jessika

erica mullins is my BEST freind. i would do anything for her.
shaun is my boyfriend. i LOVE him.
i am blunt.
i never lie, i tell things how they are straight up whether or not you will get mad at me.
music is not my life.
and i deffinatly dont like shows.

i hate basically everyone that lives by me with the acception of like..10
if i dont want to do something. you cant perswade me too.
i do drugs.
all of you straightedge people get over yourselves.
saying you are HXC wont make you rad.
and saying you are SXE wont either.

i love french.
i love bright colours.
i love dancing.
i love water.
i hate food.
i hate hipboes.
i hate cheese.
i hate YOU.

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